Most teak deck projects call for specific requirements. Worldwood has quarter sawn teak mini deckings, strips and margins on stock. Teak mini deckings are stocked four- or two-sided planed and if required with one or two rebates, for example, 12 x 48 mm with two rebates of 3 x 6 mm. For specific projects Worldwood can saw a teak specifications customer specific. We advise and assist this process in order to achieve together the best result. Due to our extensive stock we saw with a minimal cutting waste. Other dimensions can be fully provided by Worldwood. Worldwood has two-sides planed teak margins in stock, which always can be sawn customer specific. Teak strips are fine sawn, which can be planed by the customer or by us to a finished dimensions. Worldwood has options for a project approach for purchase, processing and storage.

Timber description

  • Teak is very durable. (Class 1)
  • The heartwood of Teak is light brown to golden brown, it darkens under the influence of UV light. The Moulmein Teak is usually uniform of color.
  • Weight approx. 660 kg/m3
  • Easy sawing and planing
  • Botanic name: Tectona Grandis

Teak is easy to saw and planing. Depending on the lime and gravel content the tools dulling more or less quickly down. In general, it is advisable to use tools with carbide cutting edges.

The height and diameter of the teak trees are highly dependent on the growing place and soil conditions. Teak trees with a height of 40-45 m, with diameters up to 1.80 to 2.40 m are common. These large trees are free of branches up to 25-27 m.

In general Worldwood prefers a natural seasoning process of teak, which is also the case in most cases. However, in some cases there is no time for a natural seasoning process and we use one of our three kilns. Worldwood ensures that, during seasoning process in one of the drying chambers, no type of wood is mixed with a different type of wood, in order to avoid staining problems. Employees of Worldwood are experienced and qualified to to give the teak the special treatment it deserves.
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