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American Cherry’s heartwood is pink-brown to dark red-brown and the sapwood is nearly grayish white. Due to it’s beautiful colour and structure, American Cherry has a warm appearance and is therefore a popular type of wood.

General discription

  • Moderate durable (Class III)
  • Weight is about 500-600 kg/m3, at a moisture content of 12%
  • Normally straight grained with a fine texture.
  • Easy to work with.
  • Botanic name: Prunus Serotina Ehrh.

Growing Area
South-eastern part of Canada and eastern part of the USA

Main Uses
American Cherry can not be used outdoors. Mainly used in the yacht and boatbuilding industry, furniture industry, interior construction and flooring.

American Cherry & Worldwood
The exclusive American Cherry is imported from North-American sources. Worldwood only imports the Super Prime grade due to our high quality standards. American Cherry is available as square-edged lumber and is FSC Mixed Credit certified. Made-to-measure: Worldwood can handle all processing jobs involving American Cherry.


Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)
26 – 40 – 52 – 80 – 105, other thicknesses upon request130 and wider1850 up to 3050

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