Teak is the ‘king of the hard woods’ because of its unique properties.  ‘Tectona Grandis’, as its botanical name, and is very durable and loved for its exclusive appearance.

Worldwood is the specialist in teakwood. Due to our many years of experience as a supplier to the yachting industry, we know what is needed. Teak has unique properties and there is no wood species like it; it is therefore called the ‘King of the Woods’. It is very durable and loved for its exclusive appearance. Because teak is a precious wood type, it is important to fulfil a requirement as close as possible. This ensures optimum efficiency by minimizing saw loss. Both the diversity of dimensions and qualities and the volume make Worldwood fully focused on this. With over diverse and extended teak stock, we can deliver directly from stock.


Teak FEQ (First European Quality) is a quality indicator for teak. Teak FEQ is sorted so that it does not contain sapwood, knots and wormholes. It is then qualified as top quality. The teak FEQ is heart free sawn and is mixed-grain.  Teak FEQ is for many purposes applicable, however less applicable for straight grain purposes. For this purpose, Worldwood sells special quarter sawn teak wood.


For purposes such as a teak decking or caprails quarter sawn teak is needed. Worldwoods quarter sawn teak is straight-grained, free of defects and uniform in colour. For applications such as teak margins, Worldwood has quarter sawn on the face of stock. For example, 52 × 105 mm, with the 105 mm straight-grained being quarter sawn. For applications such as teak decking Worldwood has quarter sawn on the side of stock. For example, 65 × 130 mm, with 65 mm straight-grained. Quarter sawn teak strips, mini deckings and margins, both rough sawn as planed on four sides, are available from stock. Four-sided planed mini deckings are optionally with one or two rebates.


As we move forward we are investing in the future of Teak, by searching the many plantations around the world sourcing the largest sustainable logs available, both FSC, PEFC and Fleght certified.  We carry plantation teak in logs and also in sawn sizes, with qualities ranging in FEQ and Quartersawn possibilities.