With our extensive stock Worldwood has been a teak specialist for many year now. Just recently we have added Lignia to our portfolio as the sustainable alternative to teak. Lignia yacht is a product that has been specifically developed for the yachting industry.

For centuries, Burmese teak has been viewed by yacht builders as the material of choice for yacht desk due to its durability, hardness and beauty. However, there is now a need for a more sustainable timber alternative. This alternative needs to have all the performance and visual characteristics of teak, while providing a cost-effective real wood alternative for the yacht sector.

Worldwood has found this alternative at the Lignia Wood Company. Lignia Wood Company sources FSC® certified Clear radiate pine from sustainably-managed forest plantations. Through rigid grading standards we ensure our product has been carefully selected from large diameter logs, which are then cut to produce quarter-sawn material. It is then transported to Barry in South Wales, UK – homebase of the Lignia Wood company –  where the wood is modified into the durable product Lignia Yacht.

Lignia Yacht is supplied as quarter sawn deck strips, with minimal visual defects, straight-grained and with minimum grain deviation in lengths between 1.8m to 4.8m.

Widths    75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm

Thickness           25mm and 32mm

 Technical information

  • As a finished product, Lignia Yacht weighs no more than Teak meaning there is no change in building specifications on a yacht
  • Density through modification is increased to  650kg/m³, improving mechanical properties
  • Less than 10% moisture content, kiln dried
  • Durability Class 1 (50 years minimum life against rot and fungal decay)
  • Hardness is improved
  • Superior machining finish with minimal sanding required
  • Dimensional stability – small movement

For more information on Lignia Yacht or availability please contact us directly;

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